Group interview

Group Interview is an unavoidable experience if someone is looking for job at least once in his or her whole life. It has as a main purpose to see how potential employees adapt to meeting new people, what behaviors and skills they display within a group as well as giving a real impression of each candidate's true personality. This interview can be followed by an individual interview.

This style of interview puts candidates in front of four or five questioners, although this group can also consist of six and twelve people. They are usually other employees. There are two ways to conduct a group interview. The first way sits candidates in front of the panel and they ask direct questions at specific people and that person must answer the question or questions at him or her. It is very similar to an individual interview except that candidates must answer questions in front of other candidates.

Group interview

The second way is where interviewers can make questions at the entire group and anyone can answer the question. This kind of interview becomes a good strategy among the candidate who is giving the interview.

It is advisable not to be shy for answering questions at group interview. Most people prefer not to answer questions to not expose their ignorance in front of other candidates. However, the candidate should remember that everybody has pros and cons and the other candidates are also in the same boat.

Group Interview Tips

There are many tips, however the following represent those tips will ensure the success.

  • It is important to arrive at least 20 minutes early on interview day.
  • You should dress properly; you will go to job interview not to a party or to visit a relative.
  • You must remember to great each interviewer in friendlier open manner. Your handshake must be firm and your eye contact frequent, don't forget to smile.
  • You should bring extra copies of your resume. It is probably that not all interviewers receive a copy of it.
  • Demonstrate your active listening skills. It is important to wait until the questioner has completed to ask you and provide complete answers.
  • It would be advisable to keep your answers from 2 to 2.5 minutes long.
  • You have to use good grammar and diction and talk with proper words to express your ideas. Don't say "eh" or "nah", say "No".
  • Avoid using words and phrases like "You know", "okay" or "like". They represent irritating hiccups in your answers.
  • It is a good idea to make a quick seating chart in order to remember the names of each member.
  • You can identify the leader among questioners and direct most of your remarks to that person, but at group interview, it is not necessary since all members of the panel are important.
  • Keep eye contact with all committee members, it is an important signal of confidence.
  • You must pay attention to other candidates. It will help you to not make the same mistakes.
  • You cannot interrupt other candidates while they are speaking. They have the same chances as you to express their ideas.
  • Don't forget to address the person asking the question.
  • It is important to treat each member of the committee interview with kindness and respect.
  • If you had other interviews in other companies before, you don't say anything negative about those companies.
  • At the end of the interview, you have to thank each member for giving you that opportunity and their time and say goodbye friendly.

If you follow these tips, it is probably you have a successful job interview. These tips will help you to be relaxed during your interview.

Group Interview Questions

Group Interview

It is important to have a reference about the interview questions. If someone has a rough idea about the questions of job interviewers, he will have more opportunities to have a successful interview.

One thing you have to remember, it is as much how you respond the question of the members of the committee as it is how you answer on your own. It is important to be brief so everyone has the change to say something within a group setting.

The following are some general questions that interviewers can ask you:

  • How would you describe yourself?
  • How do you feel about the opportunity of this interview?
  • Why would you like to be part of this company?
  • What do you do when you have to face a difficult situation?
  • What is it the most interesting part of being part of this company?
  • What did you like most and least about your last job?
  • How you do keep your cool in high-stress situations?

These are some of the most frequent questions in a group interview. You must remember to give a firm answer and seem honesty. If you answer each deal with motivation, interests and values of a potential candidate, you will give a good impression to interviewers.