Competition for careers, studies, and jobs in the modern world is stiff, due to the competition because even you're just finishing your studies; there are many other new college graduates and expertise professionals that will compete with you, so what you must do is everything on your hands to overcome competence and use the best of your ability to achieve success.

It's also due to the competitive world that technology has evolved and now you can count with awesome resources to prepare yourself for the tough competence. As you might know by news and media, there are many out there still in search of a job and if it's difficult, to get a new job is worse; technology has helped to change the process of finding a job, with social networks and professional networks that play an important part in the process.

Experts that have been analyzing the situation recommend some tips for young people interested in finding a good opportunity for an interview and finally to get a new job.

The first recommendations are to have up-to-date personal documents such as: resumes, CV, and publish the relevant information in social networks. Volunteering is also important to increase your chances and let you show your abilities, acquire experience and it increase the chances to get a job offer. Other unpaid jobs are the internees and they provides invaluable work experience, if you are one of the best in what you do there's a possibility to get hired in the same company.

Networking is an essential skill that will help you when looking for a job, because you must to be smart to build relationships with people that can be helpful for you in the near future. It's important also to retain your current job due to the changing economy worldwide; however, if you left a job it's important to keep the contact with your team mates. Remember that you never know who can be helpful when you're in need.

Remember to develop some skills required in most jobs, such as: Ethic, team work, self confidence, leadership skills, computer skills, problem solving skills, initiative, respect, etc. There are many career workshops on the internet that helps you on the job search process with pretty important resources such as: resume and cover letter writing, interview preparation, job search strategies, etc. We will help you in this section with two important resources: Resumes and letters.



If you want to get an appointment for an interview, and an opportunity for getting a new job; it's important to know how to write a perfect Resume that could show how professional and how interested in the job you are. There are many tips and recommendations we will give you in order to achieve a successful resume, but remember that every resume is one-of-a-kind document as if it were your fingerprint, so you must follow only the basic principles and present through the resume the person that is going to be on the interview.

In this section we will help you to organize your ideas and put them on a powerful tool to win an interview, we have great material including resume templates and examples, even resume builders that will help you on your way. However, it's not necessary being looking for a job to have the need to write a resume, a professional person with high standards has a resume up-to-date at any moment that means he/she is prepared; if you want to be considered as one, follow our recommendations.



Letters are also a powerful resource in different situations: when you're looking for a job, when you reject a job offer, or when you accept one, after an interview to say thank you, to congratulate an important person, when writing a recommendation, rejection or a resignation letter. Employment letters follow certain steps, structures and you must know them in order to impress the addressee.

In this section we help you to know how to write properly a cover letter with tips and cover letter examples, letters of recommendation, resignation letters, farewell letter, and thank you letters.

Remember that although you may find some samples or templates for your letters, while job hunting, it's important to tailor those letters according to the company, job, season and other aspects in order to show how important it's for you; the most tailored result your letters, you'll show more professionalism.

We give you some recommendations, tips and examples to help you make this task the less hard as possible and to have great results.