Medical assistant interview questions

Medical institutions consider the interview of a medical assistant as an important task for that reason the interview questions are carefully thought and well worded to hire the best candidate. As medical assistants are essential in the medical world there is a strong competition for this job position so medical assistant interview questions can help you to be well prepared for the interview.

Medical Assistant

Keep in mind, medical assistant interview can be your edge over other qualified candidates if you know the right answers to the questions and this way you could be selected for this job. Interview questions for medical assistant are in some aspects similar to nursing interview questions but if you know the duties and responsibilities of both, you will find some differences.

In fact, medical assistants perform a variety of administrative and clinical duties in the workplace on a day-to-day because they help all the other medical staff, and without good medical assistants will not be possible to run hospitals. Despite of an excellent career outlook for them, job compensation can vary widely due to experience, job site, and geographic location.

Interview Tips for Medical Assistants

Each interview is different and it can differ from person to person; however, the purpose of the questions is the same, so these seek to discover if the candidate is talented and knows the field pretty well. These interviews do not try to find out experienced candidates, but those who can gather the experience because it is something that comes through time.

Just try to relax, look the interviewer straight in the eyes, not interrupt, answer the questions honestly and clearly, and focus on your strongest skills. If a question is asked about a weaker skill, give a positive answer because you must sell yourself; make the interviewer see you could be a great asset to its medical institution and to the patients.

Some examples of interview questions and answers

What do you know about our medical institution?

The interviewer finds out to see your interest in the job position. Before the interview, take time to read information about the institution at its website and learn its mission statement and goals.

Which was the most negative experience your job?

It depends if you have experience as medical assistant or not. However, if you do not have experience, this question can change and ask you about the best and worst aspects of the education at the school to become a medical assistant.

Where do you get your degree and other academic qualifications?

In medical field, academics certifications and degrees are so important to determine if you are a good fit for this industry, so answer this question truthfully and avoid ambiguity in the information that you give because the interviewer can do a background check.

Do you consider a people person?

A medical assistant must be a social individual. So, inform the interviewer that you like to be around people and take care of their needs. You can use examples and demonstrate your care for people in the past.

What is the difference between medical assistants and nurses?

If you are new at the medical field, give an informed answer to this question because it is a common mistake that a nurse and a medical assistant are the same. It is a good moment to prove the interviewer that you know which the specific differences are.

How do you document patient information?

Interviewer finds out if you are proficient in paper and electronic documentation, but if you are not so familiar with them, emphasize your interest to learn something new quickly.

List of more Interview Questions

The following are commonly medical assistant interview questions that you can practice for being ready to the interview:

  • How long do you have dealing with patients?
  • What techniques do you employ to keep an organized office?
  • Was there some wrong routine procedure with a patient before?
  • Did you have a tough patient? And how do you handle him/her?
  • Do you have experience to handle multiple tasks at once?
  • How would you rate your communication skills?
  • How will you handle upset patients?
  • How would you rate your professional skills?
  • What was your best experience as a medical assistant?
  • Do you have a favorite type of patient?
  • How long do you see yourself at our medical institution if we hired you?
  • Where did you learn your basic skills dealing with patients?
  • Do you plan on becoming a nurse or PA?
  • What is your most valuable attribute?
  • What do you like most about being a medical assistant?
  • Do you know the three key traits that any medical assistant needs to have?
  • In which areas do you have developed responsibility?
  • Would you wish to be a supervisor at a hospital in the future?
  • Would you change your career?
  • What will you change about to be a better medical assistant?
  • How many times did you miss work?
  • How much experience do you have with managerial duties?
  • Have you had a patient who die before?
  • What are the necessary things to be successful in this career?