Sales associate interview questions

A sales associate is the person responsible for performing all sales activities in assigned accounts and also keeping up with customer needs and obtaining new customers for business.

The Primary responsibilities of the sales associates are:

  • They need to develop and maintain a database of customers.
  • They have to generate new ways of business.
  • They prepare action plans and sales programs.
  • They develop promotional materials.
  • They develop and makes presentations of the company`s products and services for habitual and prospect customers.

If you are a sales associate and you are looking for a new job, keep in mind that in any case you will face a job interview. However, there is no reason to worry because; this section will help you to overcome any type of interview. Below, you will find some of the most important and common Sales associate interview questions.

What makes you a good sales associate?

This is an obvious and one of the most important sales associate interview questions. With this question, the interview wants to know the reason why the company should hire you, your skills and of course the concept that you have of yourself as a sales associate. To answer this question, it is advisable to have a thorough understanding of our skills as salesman, as well as how well we are prepared in this area. A sample of good answer might be:

I always say "Smile and the world will smile with you" I have a good relationship with customers, I try to identify their needs asking carefully some planed questions, then I show options and finally I sell the product.

Describe your favorite salesperson or sales experience please?

With this question, the interviewer wants to know if you have experience selling a product, and if you have any person who motivates you to continue to improve your skills in sales. Remember to be as honest as possible because, it could lead to failure in your interview. A sample of good answer for this question might be:

If you have a favorite sales person:

I love "Mark smith" because, he has very innovative method to sell anything. I remember ..... (In this part, you should try to describe your best experience).

If you do not have a favorite sales person:

I do not have any favorite salesperson, I just try to learn from all people. About my best sales experience, I remember that .....(In this part, you should try to describe your best experience).

What do you thing is the most important quality or personal trait for a sales person?

This question tries to see, which qualities, according your opinion, are the most important to be successful in sales and if you have any of them. According to business experts, some of the best qualities that a salesperson should have are:

  • Persistence: Persistence helps the seller to never give up.
  • Enthusiasm: Enthusiasm helps sellers have more desire to succeed and love their work. It is very important because, according with "Connections", people enjoy doing business with people who love their jobs.
  • Confidence: This quality, includes feeling good about services and products, in addition it improves relationships with your teamwork.
  • Good communication skills: Without a doubt, people who do not have good communication skills, cannot be a good seller. The communications skills help you to meet new people and therefore, make new potential customers.

So, for answer this question, it is advisable to take into account this. A sample of good answer for this question might be: According to my experience, there are two important skills, the persistence, confidence and the good treatment of people.

Were you ever in charge of training new personnel?

Many people make a mistake answering this question because, they think that the experience they have trained persons to perform basic tasks is not enough, so they answer "I have never trained people". This is definitely a big mistake. Keep in mind that any experience is good because it makes you to learn many interesting things. So, no matter if you have trained three people to perform basic tasks, you should tell that. Remember also, do not exaggerate, but be confident and precise. A sample of good answer for this question might be:

If you did not have experience trained people

I did not have experience training people. However, in my last job I helped new workers with the basics process of the company.

If you have had experience trained people

Yes, I have experience in training new people .....(Here, you could tell your experience)