Sales assistant interview questions

As you probably already know, a sales assistant is the person responsible for coordinating the various day-to-day sales activities in the company. One of the best features of the sales assistants is that they must be very organized in order to be effective in the job. It is also important to remember that sales assistants are expected to work with a large number of people in the company; this may include the sales manager, people in the departments of marketing, promotion and public relations. Remember also that some of the most important topics that interviewers take into account are:

  • Personal Information: It is important to know all your CV says.
  • Knowledge of sales: Your experience in sales.
  • Strengths: A thorough knowledge of all your skills.
  • Challenges: If you are a person with desire to succeed.

If you are about to have a job interview for a sales assistant in a company, in this section you will find some of the most common and important Sales assistant interview questions that you surely will have to answer.

Can you tell me a little more about yourself?

Usually, any job interview starts with this question. This is a questions that allows interview to know a little more about you, "break the ice" of the interview and have a little more confidence between interviewer and interviewee. To ask this question, you must be quiet and start by saying your name, age, hobbies, favorite sport and describing some important qualities.

Why did you leave your last job?

It is a very special question because the interview wants to know your motivations. A sample of bad answer might be "For money" this answer could lead to misinterpretations, for example that you do not want to work in the company to contribute with your abilities, but only for the money. Remember that interviewers want to hear responses, in which the main motivation is personal growth. A sample of good answer might be:

I left my last job because there, the company does not have opportunities for personal growth.

What kind of salary are you looking for a sales assistant?

This is a very difficult question to answer, because with this question, the interviewer wants to know the value of your effort for yourself. A sample of bad question might be "Any salary is fine for me", this shows that you do not value your effort. A sample of good question might be:

In my last job my salary was $20 000, but I think that you will see that I worth more.

Do you think you are overqualified for Sales assistant in this company?

This is one of the most common sales assistant interview questions. With this question, the interviewer wants to know your confidence. A sample of bad answer might be "I hope so" this shows your lack of character and confidence. To answer this question, remember to have a perfect knowledge of your skills and try to relate them with your answer. A sample of good answer might be:

I am sure, I am the perfect candidate for this post because, I am ..... (Here, you can enumerate your qualities and say how them can be useful for the company)

Sell me this pen

Definitely, this is the favorite question for interviewers. The answer to this question could express if you have the enough skills to know the different kind of customer's demands. First of all, keep calm, this is very important because, many times nervousness can often lead to mistakes. Once calm, be yourself and show your skills. There are not examples to answer this question because, it only depends on you.

What are your career goals for Sales assistant?

With this question, the interviewer wants to know your ability and ambition to develop yourself as well as the ability to plan for the future. An example of good answer might be:

If you are not sure about your goals, you should answer:

I'm busy contributing with the goals of the Company; that is the reason why, I have not focused much on my personal goals.

If you have goals

Try to tell it being as honest as possible, without exaggeration because, it could lead to contradictions.

Other important questions you must keep into account.

  • What do you think are key tasks for Sales assistant?
  • Could you describe me two or three major trends in your field please?
  • Did you choose the sales assistant profession?
  • Could you tell me what is the most recent skill you have learned that related to Sales assistant?
  • What is your better sales assistant qualification?
  • Why do you want to work in this company as a sales assistant?