Marketing interview questions

We've compiled many marketing interview questions for you to help you prepare for an interview; we included typical questions, tips to answer and further information for you to have success in your marketing career.

As a marketer you're the intermediary between product (or service) development and sales; there are many paths for people interested in marketing, including advertising, media planning, strategist, etc.

Interview Questions

The following are some questions that probably you'll have to answer in your interview, we recommend you to practice responding them loud and writing the answers in order to correct some mistakes and cause good impression in your interviewer. These are questions exclusive for marketers, other general questions you can found in other sections of our website.

If you were a brand, which brand would you be and why?

Put in practice the personal branding; take this opportunity to market yourself and to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Tell me an experience when you've convinced someone to do something they didn't want to do

As a marketer you must have several experiences of this kind, remember when you convinced someone to do something which they initially had severe doubts about; it's important to say how you achieved this, the methods and how persistent you needed to be. Emphasize that you enjoy influencing other people as well and you have the skills for it.

Which brand you think is an example of good marketing?

You can remember your favorite brand, study their position and target; then you must explain how the brand uses the marketing variables to support its position, do this answer the most entertaining as possible you can even include examples.

Can you give me an example of a marketing campaign that did not work out as you had planned?

At this question they're evaluating your honesty, responsibility and the ability to solve problems; it is important to recognize the failure of a plan and why it went wrong, and focus in the positive aspects such as what you learn from that experience.

Analyze this advert and pretend that you are the client looking at it for the first time. What do you think?

They'll show you an example of an ad, you must look closely and in detail to the advertisement because generally it won't be perfect. Think in what aspects of an ad makes people want to buy the product; remember that great ads show a powerful link between the brand and the benefit; and consider the impact that have the use of words and colors.

What would be your first actions if we hire you?

It's an hypothetical question not necessarily related to marketing but you can focus your answer on it. The first thing you must say for example could be: to get familiarized with the training scheme (if they have one), then see your functions and start preparing yourself for them. Then you can add, to meet with the staff in charge of the product or service you're going to be marketing so you familiarize with them. You can say also that a meeting with your boss (if he/she is available) would be pretty helpful before other actions in order to discuss your first activities.

Which of our products/services most appeals to you and why?

As we talked in the section of preparation for an interview; it's necessary to familiarize with the company that you're applying and the most successful products they might have. You must be totally honest at this point, if you study the products in advance this will help you to describe and analyze the marketing strategy they used to apply.

Tell me about a marketing project that you brought in on time and under budget

This kind of questions will help you to emphasize on your skills and strengths, so you must focus on those aspects; them detail what controls were put in place to track and stay on top of expenditure and how you needed to make decisions in changing or adjusting the plans when necessary, so you can discuss your ability to react quickly and accurately in solving problems.

Here's a pen, sell it to me!

Maybe this is not the question you waiting for, but it's a common one around the marketing interviews; with this question the interviewer tries to evaluate your skills in creativity, and marketing abilities to convince people. Look for all the qualities might have the pen, think on every positive thing and include a necessity for that item. Talk with confidence in your own words, with power statements, clear voice and keep the eye contact with the interviewer.

Other common marketing interview questions focused on technical knowledge might include:

How would you use social networks to promote [a company product]?

  • What is a good leader?
  • Explain PLM curve
  • Are you familiar with Microsoft CRM?
  • How would you measure results from advertising both online and offline.
  • What is the purpose of marketing?
  • How well do you understand new media?
  • What books have you read on direct marketing and advertising?
  • Which is the last marketing book you have read and when?
  • When was the last time you personally met a consumer of your product or target group of your marketing efforts. Can you profile him?