Thank you letter

A thank you letter is a way of saying thanks but formally, for example if you have done a job interview a thank you letter is an obligation within 24 hours because you will show respect and also the interviewer will better of you if you do so.

These thank you letters are useful for every type of issue so they are pretty recommended to show respect for the costumers, audiences, employers, employees, etc.

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But not all letters can be the same for everyone, it is being said that hiring managers like hand writing letters, so it is up to you to analyze each person and decide which kind of thank you letter would you send.

If you are saying goodbye in person there are some cases in which are necessary that you write a thank letter, especially in the case that you are leaving an interview, because you will show that you are interested in the positions, in other cases it is not necessary but it will show that you respect.

How to make a great thank you letter?

It is recommended that you think of your thank you letter as a part of your marketing, because as everything you do this letter will be a way of presentation. Also you can use this special letter to specify why you think you are the best for any job position.

About group thank you letters

There are interviews where people answer questions not just for one but for several interviewers, this is a common problem because deciding between sending a group letter or an individual letter is hard. Depending of the relationship that you have done during your interviews and how well you analyze the personalities of the interviewers you may use or not a thank you letter.

What to write?

Be simple and write a an appreciative thank you, do not take a lot of time.

Be correct.

It is important to write a correct letter, check grammar, spelling, typos, and everything for having a letter without mistakes. Remember it is about showing respect and that you are a good professional.

Tips to write an effective thank you letter

  • Use the correct paper, It is important to use heavyweight papers or white cards that are the popular choices a the moment.
  • Although typed letters seems pretty neat and professional the majority of people prefer handwriting, because they are more personal.
  • It is important that you use your own words to express how thankful you are about your opportunity or for any reason you are writing the letter.
  • It is also a great idea if you describe what you feel in the letter, because it is going to be more genuine.
  • It is important that you close the letter saying that you want to see or talk to the person again, use this in letters to relatives and friend.
  • It is very important that you use a close phrase that matches the occasion, if is for relatives and close ones: love, take care. If it is for formal occasions use: sincerely yours or cordially.
  • You can always open the letter with a compliment.
  • You can tell the person that you are writing what are the next plans for you.
  • Remember it is very important that you write your name at the bottom of the last page.


September 8, 2
Mr. Dominic Philips
Vice President Human Resources
Universal Tire Corporation
2000 Park Drive
Grand Rapids, MI 49525

Dear Mr. Maxx:

As I was leaving your office on September 8, 2006 I was reflecting upon how much I enjoyed meeting with you and learning more about Universal Tire Corporation. I appreciate the time you spent with me discussing your opening for an Outside Sales Representative.

I believe my internship with Shemax, Inc. and my educational background in Marketing and Business Administration make me an excellent candidate for the position. You mentioned the importance of having an outgoing person with a lot of initiative. I feel that my experience in using my marketing, communication and customer service skills would exceed your expectations if given the chance.

I was also very impressed with Universal Tire's commitment to investing in your employee's future though the Tuition Reimbursement Program you mentioned. I look forward to hearing from soon. In the meantime, please call me at 271-3162 if there is any additional information I can provide to help you in your decision.


Mary Johnson