Letter of recommendation

Nowadays, the competition to get a job is hard and complicated; the demand is high compared to the labor offers. However, in the selection of personnel process, the applicant can use some successful tools to have some points in his/her favor; the letter of recommendation is one of them. Some opinions and qualification of former bosses about your old job performance is important for the interviewer and for the company. In this way, we´ll show you examples of letters and tips to get a good letter of recommendation. The letter cannot be written by the postulant, this have to be written by people who attest to good performance of applicants in old works.

Generally, former bosses, supervisors or people who had the applicant under their supervision in previous works are the correct persons to write the letter.

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If you are a boss, you have to write the letter with the chief of human resources department, because both know better the abilities and skills of the old worker and future applicant. Have on hand the profile of the person is other important factor because you will describe in a better form the abilities of the person and the way of how this person helped the development of your company with his/her skills.

  • The writer has to be careful with some words at the moment to redact the letter. Some words go unnoticed in a conversation colloquial; however these same can be deleterious in a redaction. These words are medium reasonable, passable, quiet, decent, regular, inter alia.
  • Otherwise, the boss, supervisor or old co-worker can use words more solid and descriptive in the redaction of the letter like committed, eloquent, intelligent, observant, significant, expressive, creative, efficient, imaginative, creative, innovative, responsible, inter alia.
  • The letter of recommendation has to be written avoiding comments that refer to discrimination, to racism (race, color, national origin, gender, religion, age, appearance, etc). Neither the writer has to mention aspects that could be an obstacle for the applicant as economic status, marital status or political point of view.
  • Other important aspect is consider all the abilities, skills and strengths to the applicant , for this reason, the person who will redact the letter have to join previously with the applicant to know more about the applicant and his skills.

Also, many companies base their interviews on specific points to select their future workers. These points can be the following:

  • Ability of communication
  • Self-confidence
  • Willingness to accept responsibility
  • Leadership
  • Energy level
  • flexibility
  • interpersonal skills
  • Self-knowledge
  • Ability to handle conflict
  • Achievement of target
  • competitiveness

Examples of Letters of Recomendations


New York City. At June 10, 2008
Ing. Ketih Richard.
Construction Supervisor
NYbiuld Inc. United State

To whom it may concern:

Through this letter, I am pleased to indicate that I know Mr. Jhon Wilson for 4 years, and I can attest of his moral qualities and high spirit of improvement.

Mr. Jhon Wilson works under my supervision for a period of 3 years and half, as an "Administrative Assistant", and his development was very satisfactory for both the signer and the company that I represented.

One of the main qualities that Mr. Jhon Wilson has, and that is very valuable for any company is his ability to adjust to changing business demands, and his tireless self-improvement.

I know that Jhon Wilson will develop with excellence, any area where his skills are required, so no doubt I recommend it.

Signed for relevance as ten days of June 2008 in New York City.

Ing. Ketih Richard.
Supervisor de Construcción
NYbiuld Inc. United State


Lord Don Alfonso Robles Neighbor
Technical Director CORRSSA S.L.
Avenida Los Mariachis 14

Dear Alfonso: Andres Gomez Diaz, came to see me with the letter in which you responded to his request the square of bathroom cleaner in your company.

Despite our deep and lasting friendship, you know I never bother you with recommendations. Today, I betrayal this tradition in favor of this gentleman, so I beg you to do what is in your power to further his interest.

He is my old worker and you meet him at the last barbecue, a person of impeccable repute, Christian, honest worker and if I recommend him with much interest is because I know that he will not disappoint you in the future and I know, too, that you will thank me.

Trusting that my prayers will attend, says goodbye with a warm embrace.

Martin Lorenzo Lopez
Personnel Manager
Segovia Meats Inc.
Hall 3 Cat.: 34