Cover letter examples

Cover letters are very useful to leave a very good first impression, and to explain better what is not explained on the resumes, but, How to write a cover letter? Here you will find a couple of cover letter examples to help you out on writing your own one, remember to use a simple font style and a simple format, try to be concise and try use only one page to write it.

First, let's see how they are usually structured:

Cover letter example image
  • Sender and Receiver's information.
  • Body.
  • Closing.

Following this structure, now let's see some cover letter examples:

Hard Copy cover letter example

Sender and receiver's information

"Senders information: your own information, your address, city name, zip code, telephone number and email"

2342 Example Street
City Name, Zip Code.


November 25, 2012

"Receivers information: Him/her name, title or position, company's address, city and zip code."

Dr. Peter Paterson.
OOP Corp. Human Resources Manager
1578 Example 2 Street
City, Zip Code


"First Paragraph: This is the introduction, take into account that it leaves the first impression, so it is very important"

Dear Dr. Paterson.
I found an announce on where I learned of your software engineer needs, I am really interested on this job opportunity, and I am sure that my skills, experience and education will be really useful for your company.

"Second Paragraph: Here you will explain in more details why you think you are perfect for the position, you can also complement your resume."

According to the online announce you require an expert on Java Programming Language. I have developed applications running on Java for over 6 years, some of them were purchased by great companies like Oracle and Google, and I have a lot of experience on every single step of software development.

"Always match your skills and experience with the organization's requirements"

I am an enthusiast engineer and I like working on a development group, my experience will be really useful in case you have too young programmers, I love challenges and I will like to repeat all the success I accomplished in my previous positions in your company, I believe I can contribute to solve your current requirements.

"Third Paragraph: Try to show your availability and the fact that you will follow up the interview process, and never forget to thank for the interviewer's time."

I hope to have an interview about the position available, if you need any kind of extra information then feel completely free to call me, I'll be glad to provide it. Thanks so much for your time.


(Your handwritten sign)
Robert Mathews.
Enclosure (this is used to let them know you added some other document, for example your resume).

Email cover letter example

Nowadays technology is used on many aspects of human living, emails are really common and there are companies that do not receive but online resumes and cover letters. Here you will see an email cover letter example which you can follow to do your own, are not too different from the hard copies, but it is good to know how to create them, remember to customize your cover letters according to the organizations requirements to improve your odds.

They are structured similar to hard copies:

  • Subject.
  • Receiver's information.
  • Body.
  • Closing (Here, after your name, you will include your personal information).


"The subject is really important for online cover letters, if the email does not have a correct subject it may be redirected to Spam, or maybe not even be read, so be concise and write exactly the contain of the email. Also take in to account that sometimes on the job announcement's requirements it is explained what the subject must say, so if it's the case, follow strictly those rules."

Subject: Application for marketing assistant position.


April 14, 2012

Receiver's information

"Receivers information: Him/her name, title or position, company's address, city and zip code."
Mr. Ronald Parker.
AvertSmart Marketing Area Manager.
1354 Red Street
City, zip code


Body: Is pretty much the same of the hard copy example"

I was checking the newspapers announcements and I learned about the marketing assistant available position, I am very interested in the job opportunity, I have just graduated from the Michigan University on International Marketing and I believe that I have the required skills and knowledge to be an excellent marketing assistant.

I am currently studying for my Online Marketing degree, and I am sure that I can contribute with ideas and professionalism to make your company's goals a reality. I was the only student that was part of the Michigan University Marketing Group for over a year, so I am not new on the field, I have no problem to work in groups and I love to be one step ahead during the works I do.

I am really interested on the job, I will call you next week to know about the position, if you want more information please give me a call. Thanks so much for your consideration.


Roger Smith.
340 Madison Av.
City Name, Zip Code.
(032) 123-46870

Resume attached as Microsoft Word Document.