Job search

Job search is a complex process that consists of matching workers with appropriate jobs. This process often begins long before you prepare your CV. It does not matter the kind of job you seek, you have to invest many hours and effort getting ready. It is true that there is not a magic way to find a job. Itcan often be frustrating, but you have to be perseverant and never give up! You must always think that your effort will pay the reward of getting the dreamed job. You also take into consideration that rejection is part of job-hunting process. When you are not accepted for a job, don't discourage you, instead try to think which are the things you have learnt from this experience to be ready for the next job interview.

The job search process involves small steps that help job seekers to see the panorama very well. The following instructions will make this process easier:

  • You have to identify your interests. The job process always begins with introspection. You should identify and analyze your likes and dislikes.

  • Are you sure about what abilities and skills you need in your next job? If you don't, you should assess your skills. The job interviewer will ask you about them at interview and you must be sure about your qualities, values and skills.

  • It is important to know about your strength and weakness. You can make a list of them; it will help you to build your qualities. They will help you during the employment process. You must not forget to work on your weakness.

  • You might organize your search efforts. You have to consider that there are many others looking for the same job. Job hunting is almost always a tedious task, so that you should have a plan that ensures your success.

  • You probably have an idea about the ideal job to you and the organization where you want to work. So, you muss research the workplaces you are interested in.

  • You should use internet to find more job options and workplaces. Internet is a useful tool to find job vacancies.

  • Have you already written your résumé? If you have not, you should write a polish one. You can include an advertisement to improve your CV.

  • Have you developed you leadership and communicating skills? These job skills are the most desirable. Most employers value applicants with these abilities. You have to keep on mind it.

  • You must learn all about the popular and important sources of job listing in your field. You have to know where to begin searching for job.

  • You have to give the adequate time to job search. Before you have found the job of your dreams, you have spent many hours in activities like: sending emails, writing cover letter, asking for recommendations and attending interviews. If you want a job, you have to give the best of you.

  • You should develop a personal contact network. This list of contacts can help you to find new opportunities and meet more people in the employment market.

  • You have to be prepared to deal with any job interview.

  • You might identify the type of organization you want to work for. This step will help you discard several options and focus on the best one.

  • What is the most important thing at work for you? It is important to identify this thing. Perhaps, you want to earn a lot of money or you want to get ahead in your professional career. Most companies will not offer all you want.

Let's see another resource that can help you in the job-hunting process:

Employment agencies

Job search

Employment agencies can be either private or state-owned firms. They act as intermediaries between companies and job applicants. If you are looking for a job and need some help with your resume, cover letter and other issues, then we recommend you visit these organizations and register in their database.

There you will fill some application forms to be considered in the future rounds of hiring. If an employer is interested in your profile then he/she will call you for a job interview. These agencies have the enough staff to process all job applications. Moreover, these professionals are willing to help you with your application and, according to your profile they will look for the most suitable company for you.

These organizations have a large database categorized by unskilled, semi-skilled and highly skilled workers. When a company posts a job vacancy, the employment agency is in charge of notifying all registered applicants, who match the job's description, about the vacancy. Agencies usually carry out rounds of interviews before sending potential applicants to the company. On the other hand, there are other agencies that provide information about the company only and it is up to applicants to call and arrange an interview with the company directly.

If you aren't in USA and want to work in this country, then you should check for state jobs. Fortunately there are websites which provide information related to job search in New York, Utah, Washington and other states. If you have the required training and professional preparation, a variety of state jobs are waiting for you.

Avoiding Common Mistakes when Searching for a Job online

A common mistake is simply spreading your resume all over job sites. While it is important to get your name and qualifications out there for future employers to see, by simply doing a mass upload, you could hurt your chances. When you apply for a specific job with a certain employer they may tweak their resume to highlight certain skills that they believe hiring managers will be looking for. Also, people often will inundate recruiters and employers with their resume via email. In many situations, these emails can end up going to spam or junk mail filters.

Another common error is applying for a job that has minimum qualifications for which you are not eligible. Since you are not qualified, you will more than likely be passed up for the job anyway. Taking the time to send your resume and application is a waste of time. Your efforts would be better used in other ways.

Many job seekers almost always make the mistake of using email as their only mode of contact. This practice can cost you a job. Many businesses today have software that filters email. Often it can be put into a spam folder before it even reaches the intended recipient. If you do use email, always follow it up with a phone call if you do not get a response.

If you are looking for another job, do not conduct an online search while at your current place of employment. You might end up losing your current job. Many companies have established acceptable use policies. This type of activity is often in violation of them. Additionally, if you wantto keep your job search private until you find a position, using work email and internet could tip your employer off as to your intentions.