Resume Tips

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The resume is a document that shows the skills, strengths, work experience, education and many more things about a person, there are several types of resumes, and they fit better according to your situation. Writing our own resume is something that most of us will do o already did during our lives, we usually write our skills, strengths, education and previous jobs, but there are some tips that will help you to do it even better, here you will find very useful resume tips to improve yours when trying to get an interview and a job. Take into account that resumes are written to get an interview and there are almost no companies that will hire you just because of it.

Here you have some tips for your resume

Prepare to write your resume

It is important to know how to write a resume, if you never did it before, it is a good decision to learn how, you can look up for information in the internet, in libraries or any other source, you can even see other resumes to see how they are structured and have clear your resume objective statement. You must gather all the information you need too, take a look back at your past jobs and employers, gather dates, phone numbers, addresses, your personal data, and so on.

Titles and Headings

Use the appropriate titles and headings, remember your resume will be evaluated and there will be a lot of other resumes, so they won't take a long time reading yours, outstand your goals, and put the correct titles and headings, for example, if you worked on the storing area, you should not put store, but logistics area.

Design your resume

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Use an easy reading design, you do not need to do use amazing font styles or a lot of colors unless the kind of job requires it (for example graphic design), your resume has to be readable and must outstand the best aspects you have, remember that employers usually do not have time to read everything that is written, so make sure you outstand what you think are your most important goals, and if it's possible, the things you think they care more about.

Images and photographs

Remember you are looking for a job, not for a date, so avoid photographs unless you are a model or artist and you need to show your work.

The type of resume

According to your situation there are 3 popular types of resumes, chronological, combination and targeted ones, the chronological resume are written beginning from the newest to the oldest job, and include dates. The targeted resumes are written to attack the specific requirements the company has, they are rewritten for each job you apply for and are perfect in case you have long periods of time without work. The combination resumes combines both the targeted and the chronological, they talk about the skills you have, but also about your jobs; including dates from newer to older.


Take a good look at the job advertisements and staff requirements you read, extract the keywords and use them on your resume, it is a good strategy to prove you are the one that fits better with the job.

Analyze the employer's needs

Besides the skills shown on the announcements, you should try to find out what else the employer needs, for example, someone who can successfully convince our customers to buy the new insurance, the announcement would say that they need selling staff and that's all, but if you find out what else he needs, you can add that to your resume and improve your odds.

Action words

There is a list of words that should be used on your resume, they show more power and outstand your accomplishments, for example: planned, formulated, created, invented, administered, managed, adapted, motivated, prevented, supported, approved, corrected, maintained, verified, validated, inspected, among others. Search more resume tips online to find more about this action words.


Do not make your resumes incredibly detailed and long, they should be short and concise, two pages at most is fine.

One resume for each employer

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Many people writes one resume for any kind of job, you should take a while to modify your resume and adapt it to the company or the position you aspire to, that way you can improve your odds to get an interview.

Avoid age discrimination

Remember that many employers take into account the age of the applicant, and you should also remember that discrimination is illegal, anyway, unless age is specifically requested, avoid writing it on your resume, that way you can get an interview for all of your skills and experience, no matter your age.

Do not need to write all your work experiences

A resume is your presentation card, so if there is a work that you are not proud of, then you can avoid mentioning it on your resume, writing that you used to take care of children is probably not going to help you get the job you are looking for.

Keep the salary in mind

Remember that this is the first step to get a job and the salary you are looking for, if you want a good salary then make of your resume something that proves you deserve it.

Review your resumes

After finishing your resume, review it two, three or more times, correct all the mistakes, and if you can, find somebody else to read it for you.

Update your resume

Remember to constantly update your resume, add your new goals and the things you consider are important, for example new experiences, training programs and so on, you can also erase your oldest job experiences to make your resume shorter.

Of course there are many other resume tips, you can look for them online, libraries or even asking other people, anyway, follow the shown above and compare your actual with your future resume, remember to keep it updated and good luck getting a job.