25 things to avoid in an interview

There are more than 25 things to avoid in an interview, nevertheless, here you will find a compilation of the most important ones, remember that you are selling your skills and yourself, so improve constantly your skills and knowledge, both for the work itself as those to interact with other people, do your best to convince the interviewers that you are perfect for that job and try to stay calm and relaxed.

Interview Image
  1. Poor personal appearance

    Usually the best bet is wear a business suit, but this is not a rule, according to the company you are applying to you can choose other type of clothing, anyway, if you do not use a suit you can use elegant sport clothing. Take special care of your personal appearance; remember the first impression is important.

  2. Say too much or say too few

    During a job interview, try to answer with the necessary words, go to the point and do not divagate through other subjects, also avoid using yes/no answers, listen carefully to the interviewer and if you have doubts about the question then ask, remember everything you say will be taken into account to give you the job or not.

  3. Too much "I"

    Some people love saying I did this, I did that, and leave no room for co-work, take into account that most of jobs need people that is able to work in groups, to cooperate and get the objectives, of course you can brag a little about your accomplishments.

  4. Show up unprepared

    If you do not take a while to analyze your skills, strengths, the company, what you want, what you expect, and so on, you may find yourself on an uncomfortable situation during your interview.

  5. Being disrespectful

    Nobody will hire a disrespectful applicant, think before what you say and never be disrespectful with your interviewers, doesn't matter if you don't agree with them.

  6. Showing up late

    Take precautions to avoid being late, choose your clothing the night before, if you can, go to the location where the interview is going to be performed, that way you will know for sure the address, if some unexpected thing happens like an emergency, call ahead.

  7. Chew Gun

    Never chew gun during your interview, it can be considered as a disrespectful act, in case you are chewing gun, make sure you drop it properly before your interview begins.

  8. Criticism of past employers

    Never criticize your last employer(s), the interviewer probably will call them to be sure about your references, so avoid doing that, even if the interviewer seems to be a really comprehensive person.

  9. Lying

    Be respectful and honest with your interviewer(s), it won't be hard for them to realize if you are lying or not, and in case you get hired, it will probably be the reason for you being fired.

  10. Lack of Vitality

    Be sure that you sleep properly the night before your interview, being tired, sleepy or sick can affect your qualification during the interview, if you are in this situation, always try to show the best of you.

  11. Be desperate for the job

    Even if you are, do not let know the interviewer that you are desperate for the job, you need to show yourself as somebody who can solve problems and that can be useful for the company, not like someone who needs money.

  12. Ask no questions about the job

    Ask during your interviews, that will show your interest for the job and the company, and also the fact that you were listening carefully to the interviewer, of course wait for the correct moment to do it, usually during the interview you will have a moment to ask.

  13. Sounding money-minded

    Money is very important, but do not talk about the salary before they offer you the job, and let the interviewer begin with this discussion.

  14. Taking the interview as a no serious thing

    All the phases of the interview are important, and you should do your best on each one of them, so avoid feeling like the job is yours if there are more phases and you are still not hired.

  15. Having no plans or goals for your career

    It is important that you have ambitions for your career, interviewers like people that is continuously improving and fighting for their goals.

  16. Poor eye contact with interviewer

    During an interview, make sure you make eye contact with each interviewer, you are talking to human(s), so look politely to their eyes while you answer.

  17. Not showing why you are the best for the job

    Before the interview, familiarize with the spot you are interviewing for, that way you can take a while to think how your strengths and skills are perfect for the job. Some interviewers want to know why they should hire you, so let them know.

  18. Being too modest

    Being modest is important, but not too modest, you can brag a bit about yourself, it shows confidence and anyway, this is your time to shine and show all of your accomplishments.

  19. Talk too much

    Interviews are a two way conversation so be careful to not talk too much, listen carefully, think what you are going to say and answer the questions properly covering all the subjects it involves.

  20. Not sending a thank you note or e-mail

    It is a good manner to send a thank you note or e-mail to the interviewer or company after being interviewed, you can send it between the next 24 hours after the interview.

  21. Use too much technical words or jargon

    During an interview, if you and the interviewer can understand technical language then use it, nevertheless, probably it will be the first time you talk to him/her, so the best is use simple words avoiding jargon.

  22. Listen what it means, not what is said

    It is important to listen carefully the questions regardless the meaning you can think they have, focus on the question and answer it.

  23. Getting too familiarized with the interviewer

    Remember to act friendly but not too familiarized with your interviewer during your interview, you can be a really outgoing person but that doesn't mean everyone else is too.

  24. Asking about vacations, benefits, salary

    It is important to know when you will have vacations, about the benefits and salary, but is not that critical, wait for the interviewer to talk about it.

  25. Texting or talking by cell phone

    Remember to not text, call or answer phone calls during your interview, the best thing to do is turn off your mobile. Between the 25 things to avoid in an interview, maybe this is the most common mistake that many people do.