Interview videos

The interview videos are potential tools, designed to give you some idea of the structure of interviews. They show real interviews that can help you to improve your skills, some are educational and some are entertaining but all bring some teaching, pay attention to each video and take note about the advices and put it in practice, just so, you will become an expert in all type of interviews.

Interview videos; a good way to hone your skills

If you are a job seeker and you have been read much information but you are still having doubts, you can check the videos; this type of resources is a good way to practice for interviews, because you can watch of a directly way, different situations and different types of reactions of the interviewees.

  • How the interviewees should react to the hard questions.
  • Which could be the appropriate posture to begin the interview?
  • What voice tone could be the certain to answer the questions?
  • How the interviewee can answer when he/she does not know the correct answers.
  • If there are doubts, exist a way in that the interviewees should be make their consults.

Many expert interviewers affirm that the interview videos are excellent tools to improve the skills of interviewees, they also say, "there is no better way to improve our responses capabilities in an interview that the videos because they show real examples with real people."

Another good advantage about interview videos is the portability, because you can download the videos and converts it in MP3 format, and reproduces it in your cell phone or in your player, so you will listen the audios of these interviews while you are in bus or in the supermarket, undoubtedly, it is a great way to upgrade the skills for success in a job interview.

Surely at some point in your life, during a job interview, you was speechless, without knowing what to say, despite having the answer, did not know how to express it, or maybe you begin to speak shakily and the only solution that you find is to remain silent, these situations are very embarrassing for the interviewees, in the videos, you will find various tips and recommendations that will serve you to deal with these situations, you'll also find tips to help you improve and increase their vocabulary.

Practice for the interview with the following videos

There are plenty of interview videos created by expert interviewers with extensive experience in the field, these videos are available in different languages, several of them are subtitled (it will be impossible that you cannot get one in your language), the only effort that you should do is search and download the video, but the best of all is that most of these videos are available for free, you do not have to pay any cost to download them.

In this section, you will find with several videos in many languages related different topics, for example:

  • Tips and techniques to face interviews.
  • Different answers for the typical questions.
  • Some tips to get a success interview.
  • How to tie a tie.
  • How to dress smartly for an interview.
  • Some mistakes that you should avoid in a job interviews.
  • How to get out of trouble.
  • How to correct some wrong answer.
  • How to greet the interviewers.
  • The questions that an interviewee should not ask.

This section is like a complement to what we have already included on this website. For instance, here you will find many interesting instructional videos. Take your time to check each video and write down the most important tips, you will see other topics such as how to answer the "Tell me more about yourself" question, what to avoid during a job interview, and more.

Other way to improve your answers in an interview is practicing with a friend or someone impartial, your friend can take the role of the interviewer and you can answer the questions like in a real interview. You can practice with the similar answers, another important thing; it is copy the position of the interviewees who appear in videos. During the practice, try to commit all faults it will help you to correct your possible mistakes. Remember, it is better to err in a practice than during a real job interview.

Add to this, you should put into practice all that you have learn here, in this way you increase the possibilities of getting the position. As you can see, these job interview videos are a great source of information, and serve as guide to job seekers.