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Interview Guide

Interview guide Do you feel ready for your interview? Many people is not prepared for that important moment so we give you this interview guide that deals with a series of interesting topics that you absolutely want and need to know in order to have a successful interview. This interview guide can be taken as an important resource that you must consult whenever you have a doubt about a specific subject. We think that we've covered the main topics here.

Remember that the key to success is preparation, and it's never enough so you must prepare constantly, no matter the previous interviews you could have had with a solid preparation you'll impress interviewers, now.

Finding a new good job, or getting a promotion are not matters of luck, there're not amulets or star that will give you a job, but if you want to considerate that what you need is some luck, remember that luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. The best thing you can do while you're looking or waiting for an occasion is prepare yourself.

You will understand why some things shouldn't be addressed or avoided during an interview. You will realize that there is a specific behavior expected from everyone who is being interviewed and you might want to cause a first good impression to the interviewer or employer, we consider that preparing for a job interview has never been easier, yes; there are rules that must be followed before, during and after an interview. Click on the section(s) that interest you the most.

How to prepare for an Interview

How to prepare for an interview

Preparation never ends; it doesn´t matter how many interviews you had before, you will feel some stress anyway, and the best way to avoid or at least feel more self-confidence you need to be prepared, we recommend some main aspects that will develop in this section: First, know yourself, then prepare yourself, and finally practice. To accomplish these steps there are some simple steps that you must follow and we provide you.
During an Interview

During the interview

The purpose of an interview is to see how the candidate handles the pressure of an certain questions and situations that put the candidates on the spot and the interviewer tries to interrogate some difficult questions and problems to solve.
Difficult interviews to test your solving problem skills; that's why they employer puts you on hypothetical situations to see your problem solving skills; so you must know how to prepare for an interview.
Interview Techniques

Interview techniques

In order to have a successful interview, you should have in mind some techniques because you'll have a tough competence; the tips and techniques we give you will help you be distinguished from other candidates. An interview will be easier if you're prepared to present convincing evidence to the interviewer that you will be the best person for the job.
Interview videos

Interview videos

If you want to practice and prepare yourself for an interview, use the videos we provide in this section. See how other people, including experts, face the interviews, and follow their recommendations. We show you also examples of how you shouldn't face the interview.
Second Interview

Second interview

We have organized some information in order to be prepared for any type of interview you might face. Second interview can be harder than first one and interviewers will take advantage of the different types of sceneries to evaluate on detail all the candidates and select the best one. Types of interviews include: Telephone Interview, Group Interview, Face-to-face interviews, Panel, committee interviews, etc.
After the Interview

After interview

The process of search a job won't end at the interview, or pass directly to a hiring process, according to interview rules, it's necessary to write the interviewer a letter expressing appreciation and thanks for the interview and the time he/she spend, we help you write these letters to cause a great impression. After an interview it's important to reiterate your interest in the job and the company and demonstrate your manners.
Salary Negotiation

Salary Negotiation

We give you some tips and recommendations for a successful salary negotiation, the first steps include: take time to research salaries to know an average of what you should be earning and think on a salary range to propose the employer. It's not necessary to accept the first offer of the employer; you can say that you'll think it over. If you want a raise it's in some aspects the same process. Find some information on salary negotiation in this section.
Interview Rules

Interview rules

Interviews follow simple rules that anyone should know, those basic rules include the way you answer the questions, if your responses are brief and concise; how trustful are you, if you arrive on time and include on your resume true information; the impression you cause as soon as you arrive and present yourself, if you're dressed professionally or not. We include all the rules you can follow to give a good impression and to have a successful interview.
Interview information

Interview information

Before an interview there's some information you should know as general knowledge, this include the purpose of an interview, consider the people involved and respect the time and the opportunity they gave you. You must also research the organization, consider the mission, goals, products, even financial information this will show your interest in the job. And finally a basic part of your preparation is to practice with examples of interview questions and try to study also the possible answers in order to have coherence when you are interviewed.
Gender Neutral Job Evaluation

Gender neutral job evaluation

Any job evaluation must consider your aptitude, experience and knowledge; it should not be based on the gender, especially now that jobs are not classified by gender anymore. If you're interested in this information in order to avoid discrimination whether you're a woman or a man; we included several questions to explain this important topic.

Interview questions to ask

In most interviews, one of the final questions employers ask candidates is: Do you have any questions? You must be prepared for this step because it's usually when more attention the interviewer puts in you and most candidates ask usually the same questions, so you must be different and stand out the rest. We give you some tips in order to help you formulate good questions and impress the interviewer