Technical interview

In the last years the economic crisis have produced the lack of jobs, young people face a huge challenge to get a great job; all of this produce greater competitiveness, for this reason is necessary a good preparation and desire of success.

Recommendations to get the job

  • Keep your profile updated several companies consider this aspect.
  • Take care about the information you search in the internet.
  • The discipline is essential; you must be disciplined in everything you are planning.
  • Keep the communication with your university mates.

The most modern company at the present tries to improve the way to interview; there are different types of interviews such as:

Personal interviews:

This is the most common interview; the majority of the companies use it.

Panel interviews:

Is the most usual in the public sector, the structure of this interview is with 2 or more interviewers.

Interviews by the phone:

Nowadays more and more companies are using it; is using as the first interview to know by phone the candidates.

Interviews in shorts groups:

The group interviews are when several candidates are presents in the same interview; it is used to see people interacting with others.

Sequential interviews:

There are several interviewers in different stages, with same of different questions; the objective of this interview is tests different sets of competencies.

All of them have different structures with the same objective; choose the best option for the company. Another way to interview the candidates is the technical interview; the next information is to know more about this new type of interview; what are the pros and cons; and how you must prepare for this obstacle.

The main companies objectives

Technical interview

Several of the new companies are improving the way to interview their new staff; it is possible that you have never heard about the technical interviews. The technical interviews are a new way to know and qualify the candidates to the job; technical interview is used always with the candidates that have made a positive impression in the face to face interview.

The main objective of this kind of interview is to know more about the Interviewees, know about their capacities, skills to solve problem and team work. In the last years the technical interviews have becoming more and more important, nowadays almost all the companies are considering this interview as the most important.

The main advantage of this kind of interview is the possibility to evaluate the interviewers in different skills and set the potential candidates. The most common questions from a technical interview can range across disciplines and include puzzles, problems and other questions that have been designed to make you think hard on the spot.

The majority of companies involved in the tech industry prefer this kind of interviews, the clothes you use doesn't matter for this kind of companies, if you look casual, relaxed and modern; it would be right but is very important look clean and presentable.

The practice and preparation are essential to cause a good impression, it is necessary express your ideas effectively; you must formulate your answers clear. The companies consider the new employers are going to be future leaders in the company and it is possible through a rigorous interview, that allow guarantee the success of the company.

A technical interview could be defined as a team work, where you have the opportunity to show you best ideas and how you will contribute to the company; this kind of interviews could make or break the confidence of the interviewee in himself.

The most common questions are the next:

  • Why you are interested in this job?
  • Have you ever heard about the company?
  • Why we should hire you?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • What do you think that are most important courses have you have studied?
  • What challenges do you think you hope expect in this company if you could work here?

These are some of the big list of possible questions. All of them seek to know more about you, what are your goals in the next year's horizon.

If you are thinking apply for a job that requires technical knowledge, this type of interviews is the most used, with questions that requires hypothetical solutions. You should be prepared in different fields to approve. The interviewers are not interested in the exact answer; if you don't have the exact answer don't take care about it, they just want to know your ability to solve different problems.