Finance interview questions

Get prepared for a successful interview and get the financial job you desire. The finance field includes retail banking, investment banking, covering insurance and more financial services. Through the following guidelines we intend to help you to have a better idea of the finance interview questions you could have. Consider the answers to them, and be prepared to answer appropriately in order to get the job.

Some Finance questions to consider

Interview questions could vary depending on the employment, and also depending on the employer, so jobs related to finance will have different questions. The following are the type of finance interview questions that you, as an interviewee, could expect to have.

Finance interview questions

What motivates you?

This question is used to evaluate if you could be a well motivated employee who fits the job position for the company. Most of these positions require people who are very self-motivated.

What has been the major achievement in your working career to date?

For this question, you should discuss about your achievements, the challenges you have overcome, and how you have had success in a certain job position along your working career.

Could you tell me about some experience in which you dealt successfully with demanding and difficult clients?

On this occasion, the employer wants to explore your ability to confront the challenge and your strength to be persistent. You need to show that you have abilities to deal with difficult clients. You could mention some examples indicating clearly that you have used your interpersonal skills and determination to obtain positive results.

What about persuading others to your point of view?

Usually, finance professionals need to persuade people to admit their expertise, advice and services. The success factors related to influent other people could be in selecting the most adequate approach, determining the proper interpersonal style and defining needs. In this case, it is important to mention a recent example.

Could you tell me more about your focus for the teamwork? How could you adapt to work with effectiveness as part of the teamwork?

Here, we can see that this question refers to your abilities to help with the teamwork success and build relationships. Also, you could show that you are able to work prosperously with other people because you know that it is important for finance business. You can show that you have evaluated each member of the teamwork and then you have chosen the best options for their needs.

How have you managed a high stress situation recently?

This type of employment imply to work well under pressure. So, the interviewer needs to ensure that you are able to work under pressure and face with challenging situations. Don't forget to show that you are capable of planning to reduce stress and keep calm.

Could you give an example of a beneficial situation that you negotiated?

This is an interesting question because it scans your ability to provide options in a way that provides acceptance and agreement. You can display how you are capable of looking in the positions of others. Also, you can give options and come to terms that benefit all parties.

How do you think that you could add real value to our organization?

It is essential to show your broad knowledge and investigation about the company. Also, it refers to how well you can understand their challenges, achievements and goals. Give examples of ideas and skills that you think that could result in a contribution to growth of the organization.

What do you think are the major opportunities and challenges that a finance professional could face today?

It refers to feature your vision and knowledge related to the current economic situation and the status of the financial sector. It covers credit availability, regulatory changes, recent innovations in the industry, and more.

Could you tell us more about you?

It could be asked at any interview. Here, interviewers could notice if you are confident and calm. You should explain more about how your personality's formal aspects are and about your strengths. In addition, you can mention your hobbies and other interests.

What are your educational qualifications?

Here, they are asking you to talk about your levels of education. You can talk about certificates, diplomas, degrees, professional titles and other qualifications that you have acquired by part-time study, full-time study or private study. Give some examples of hard projects that you have managed related to economics.

Well, the aforementioned questions are just an example of the wide-range of job interview questions related to a finance job, so be prepared and have a successful interview!