Teacher interview questions

Basically, the teacher interview questions try to find out the typical skills and behavior expected out of the candidates for teaching profession. There is a wide range of questions which are separated in different sections and approach topics about professional experience, classroom management and teacher relationships with students, parents, colleagues etc.

Teacher interview questions

Nowadays, teaching is an interested profession for that reason many people feel attracted and tried to be very competitive with their teaching skills. Have adequate attire and body language at the interview could suggest that you are well prepared, but if you cannot answer the questions it could demonstrate your lack of preparation. So, to cause a positive first impression at the interview, interviewees must prepare for this meeting.

This section was created with the aim of giving some ideas about the teacher interview questions that principal and teachers could confront at job meetings. On the one hand, principals can increase its listings of job interview questions for teachers so as to thoroughly assess educators' skills and knowledge. On the other hand, teachers can review a set of questions and practice how to answer these questions.

Common Interview Questions for Teachers

Professional Experiences

  • What is your philosophy of education?
  • What is your knowledge of and experience with standards-based education?
  • What experience have you had with students from culturally diverse backgrounds?
  • When did you first become interested in teaching?
  • How well has your college/university prepared you for the teaching profession?

Instructional Skills

  • How do you identify the special needs of the students?
  • What techniques do you use to keep students actively involved during a lesson?
  • What methods would you use to assess student learning?
  • How do you deal with the unmotivated student?
  • How would you use authentic assessment?

Technology and Computer Skills

  • How do you incorporate technology in your classroom?
  • Do you have computer skills?
  • What programs did you use for instructional or classroom management purposes?
  • Which is the way to use technology in your classroom?

Classroom Discipline

  • What is your philosophy regarding discipline?
  • What techniques do you use to handle discipline problems in the classroom?
  • What was the most challenging discipline problem and how did you handle it?

Classroom Management

  • What is your classroom management system?
  • What things do you consider to be the perfect model classroom?
  • What would a typical day look like in this classroom?

Knowledge of Content and Materials

  • What types of tests do you prefer?
  • Are there some effective materials for slow learners or bright students?
  • What coursework have you taken and made you especially suited for this position?
  • What materials and supplies do you need to obtain good results?
  • What curricular changes do you recommend for the next years?

Planning Skills

  • What materials do you include in lesson plans?
  • How could you incorporate language arts within the curriculum?
  • How do you prepare your lessons?
  • How do you handle varied reading abilities in the content areas?
  • How much homework do you assign?

Relationships with Administration, Staff, Parents, and Students

  • What kind of principal would you prefer to work?
  • How would your students describe you?
  • How can you maintain students to be interested about learning?
  • How do you develop self-esteem in the students?
  • How do you keep parents informed about the progress of their children?

Personal Qualities

  • Why do you select teaching as your profession?
  • What are your career goals in short and long term?
  • What are the adjectives that describe your personality?
  • Are you a team player or an individual achiever?
  • What is the most successful accomplishment in your career?


  • Why is the reason to work in our school?
  • Which professional development topics are you interested?
  • What do you give the greatest pleasure teaching?
  • Are you willing to teach at different grade levels or different subjects?
  • Which are the reasons to hire you over other candidates with good qualifications?

Tips for a Teacher Interview

  • Carry a copy of your resume even if you send one.
  • Wear formal clothes of dark colors, such as gray or black.
  • Be careful of your movements if you are answering a question, keep your hands on the table. The majority of interviewers know how to interpret the body language.
  • Make a mock of interview to practice questions and rehearse their answers.
  • Know your classroom management because teacher interviews come around how you can establish and control a classroom.
  • Speak about your teaching principles, goals and objectives for enhancing students skills.
  • Establish a list of your resources to prepare your lessons and give some examples.
  • Maintain the eye contact with the interviewers while you are listening or speaking.
  • Talk about things you know and do not exaggerate.