Customer Service Interview

When a company looks for new employees in customer service positions, the candidates are required with different areas of expertise in order to get the jobs; some of these areas are evaluated during the customer service interview, the knowledge may include: computer applications, data entry, administrative procedures, customer relationship principles (positive relationships), etc.

You must keep your good manners and courtesy along the entire interview because these attitudes will be evaluated constantly as you answer the questions and speak; you will have plenty of time to speak because normally most questions are open-ended (they include words like describe, tell, explain, etc.) you should care about your voice, and try to speak clearly the entire interview.

Customer Service Interview

Customer jobs demand interviews that sometimes tend to be stressful, because interviewers try to view in that situations, like those in which you must solve problems, adapt to changes, talk about personal experiences; in this way the employer try to get your own answers rather than answers you can memorize or study; however, it is important to think about which experiences you can relate, especially those in which you overcame obstacles, solve problems and treat customers as a good customer service worker.

Consider that customer service industry is growing due to the increase in the consumptions in all kind of products, so there are several opportunities and the customer jobs become more lucrative each time. That's why in this section we've compiled a list of sample interview questions and how to answer those to help you to ensure that the interview selects you as the right candidate for the customer service job.

Before the interview question we should recommend you to take special care in your attitude because it is how you will present yourself to the customers, you are the face of the company so you should always give accurate answers, actions and manners; you must create positive professional relationships with clients making them realize that you understand them.

Customer Service Interview questions

  • What is customer service and what is good customer service?
    Customer service includes several aspects and it is not about how fast the service is but how helpful it is; for example there is a big difference between employees that when you ask for a product they only tell you where the product should be, those only do their job; but other employees (those which give good customer service) take you to the exact location where the product is.
  • Why are you applying to this position?
    A good answer can include some references to the company, like if you were waiting for a job opportunity to get into. Other good idea is to talk about your passion for customer service.
  • What would you do if a customer was rude to you?
    You should keep a happy face and don't lose the calm as you are trying to help the customer with his/her need. If it is necessary keep in mind positive thoughts with other customers in order to keep a positive mood. It is important to be as friendly as possible.
  • How do you face negative feedback from angry clients?
    You must be prepared to manage any customer temperament, and it includes those who have complaints, you must keep your manners without being dominated by the situation. You can explain your actions with an experience in a past job.
  • If you had to turn down a request from a valued client, what would you do?
    It is important to keep the good manners, explain the situation and make them understand according to company policies; don't lose the trust of the client. Show the interviewer you are able to keep calm under provocation and stress and that you are able to show patience when faced with a difficult customer. The question may be asked like this: Tell me about a recent situation with a customer that really tested your patience.
  • How do you define going the extra mile for your customer, give me an example of when you have done this.
    Show how you develop positive customer relationships by actively listening and making the effort to understand the customer's needs, meeting and exceeding the customer's expectations and taking responsibility for the customer's satisfaction.
  • Have you ever felt, in past jobs, that the existing protocol and solutions were not helpful to meet the needs of customers properly?
    You should let the interviewer know that you have a great potential not only for the job but much more; show that you can take initiatives; you are capable of changing current systems with good ideas; with the goal to improve customer satisfaction.