Call Center Interview

The call center job, is a customer support job that can be done by telephone or computer equipment (or both). There are many and different industries that requires the personnel to occupy this position that is why, it is so important to be prepared for a call center interview with the adequate tips, questions and answers. Some of the companies include: internet providers, banks, credit card companies, telephone companies, airlines and many others; these companies don't have time to spend specifically on call centers or customer support, so they outsource the service.

You should know that the country with more quality call centers and services is India, that besides its quality, work at a low cost; that is why in that country the jobs in call centers and the environment at work is more sophisticated and includes many benefits. There are some call centers that require some technical knowledge in order to communicate with customers and help them solve their problems with certain product or service.

Call Center Interview

As the call center job is a career that deals with people, usually employers look for people with experience with communication skills and patience; however, it is possible to find companies which don't require experience, but the mentioned skills are required definitely because worker will have to handle many calls, listen to problems, complaints, etc.

It is important to research about salaries in the call center business to start, because in time it is possible to double and triple your wages according to your work or even get promotions as leader, supervisor or manager.

Remember that, things that employers will evaluate during a call center interview will include how you handle customers with different personalities and temperaments, some basic knowledge about the company, computer and technology knowledge, speed in typing, numeric/oral written language, positive relationships skills, team work, learning skills, problem-solving and persuasiveness are other important requirements also.

Call Center Interview questions

  • Why do you want to work in a call center?: This interview question is common, and help the interviewer to know your motivation in the job, to answer the question consider the kind of person they are looking for and highlight your experience, goals, aspirations in order to convince the interviewer that you are the perfect person, and that you will enjoy your job.
  • What do you know about our company?: This question serves to evaluate if you have enough interest in the job, if you take seriously this career, and if you are able to research and put your efforts to achieve something.
  • What are your computer skills and what software applications have you used?: Talk about the software you used in past jobs and explain the usefulness and how those helped in your job. Before the interview it will be great if you have time to research other applications used even you didn't use them are a great tip to have as reference.
  • What size was the greatest customer database you dealt with?
  • How many calls did you take/make in an average day/ number of hours?
  • What was the average length of each call? Those questions are related exclusively to the call center job, and are references pretty important to talk about these skills. You should give some examples of past experiences. The answers will also show how effective you can be in your job.
  • Describe a situation when you felt a team member that was not contributing enough. What steps did you take?: It is a way to know how you handle a problem, or differences of a team; you must emphasize that you respect all colleagues and being a part of a team requires the effort of each one. You will show with an experience that you contribute to the environment at work with the team and the company success.
  • Describe a situation when you /had to calm down a very angry customer/ went the extra mile for a customer?: With your experiences you must show that you can build a positive relationship with customers, you consider the importance of giving a good service to the customer and you can handle different temperaments.
  • ROLE-PLAY: An escalated call with an unhappy customer.: It is important to have your goals clear, and it is the good service to the customer, for example: if the complain is about money think on refunds, always give clear answers and be patient.
  • What does a call center mean to you?: Maybe it is not a common question or it sound harmless, but what employer will evaluate in your answer is important: It is about the seriousness and commitment you give to the job, otherwise it might be interpreted as if you will take the job just until you get a better one or it is for fun. Be honest and serious to say in a formal voice that you want to make a career out of working in a call center.